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  • Manufacturer: Plano Synergy Outdoor Products
  • Model Number: 23201

Evolved Habitats® Herdlife Molasses Feed Topper is a liquid sweet treat that livestock and wildlife will love. This old-fashioned feed grade molasses is great poured over hay, mixed in feed, or added to deer and wildlife supplements. 

  • Manufacturer: Land O' Lakes Inc.
  • Model Number: 5640

Mazuri Waterfowl Breeder Diet contains biologically available nutrients to enhance breeding performance, egg numbers, fecundity and chick viability for ornamental waterfowl.

  • Manufacturer: Land O' Lakes Inc.
  • Model Number: 5641

Mazuri Waterfowl Starter provides the correct protein level in a high-vitamin diet for newly hatched and adolescent birds. Provides the high nutrient density diet needed to meet rapid growth requirements.

  • Manufacturer: Land O' Lakes Inc.
  • Model Number: 5642

Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenance has been formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the vast majority of non-specialist feeding ornamental waterfowl. Gives birds a high-quality, vitamin-enriched diet to keep them in good health.

A warm season grass with heavy seed yield, often used as a plot plant for game birds.

  • Manufacturer: Purina/Nestlé Pet Nutrition
  • SKU: 17582

A highly palatable, easy-to-use, 20-pound premium block supplement for attracting and maintaining deer. Provides more balanced nutrition than whole grains.


  • SKU: 16245

The proprietary ingredient and flavoring agents found in new Purina® Quick Draw® Deer Attractant Mineral Supplement enhance palatability and drive intake with the need to mix it with corn. And the vitamin and mineral packages supplies deer with strong nutrition. 20lb pail

  • SKU: 16244

Irresistible scent and flavorings keep them coming back. Attracts and holds big bucks while it supplements for poor quality forage or habitat. 20lb block


  • Manufacturer: Merial | Boehringer Ingelheim
  • SKU: 9076
  • Model Number: 35060467641

For the treatment and control of internal and external parasites of beef and dairy cattle and internal parasites of deer. 250 mL.

  • Manufacturer: Purina
  • SKU: purina_deerblock

18% protein, water-resistant, fortified, year-round supplemental feed block designed to enhance the deer’s natural forage diet without the need for a feeder. Purina® AntlerMax® Deer Block contains the new Purina® AntlerMax® Extreme Energy™ supplement which provides nutrition for body condition of deer so they can reach their genetic potential for antler growth.