Product Catalog

Kennel Kit incluses: 2 6x10 chainlink panels, 1 6x6 chainlink panel, 6x6 chainlink door panel.

5ft & 7.5ft High with weatherproof 8 Gauge Steel Wire

Gates Black and green: powdered Coated 6-Bar Round Corner with 2x4 wire 4ft – 16ft

Gates Black and green: Powdered Coated 6-Bar round corner 4ft – 16ft

Gates Galvanized with wire: 6-Bar round corner with hog wire 4ft – 16ft

Gates Galvanized: 6-Bar round corner 4ft – 16ft

Corral Walk Thru: 6-Bar 12 ft section with 4ft door

Corral Panel: 6-Bar 12 Ft Galvanized Round Corner Section