Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company
  • Model Number: FW16BLUE

If you thought you couldn't install automatic waterers in your barn, think again! This dependable, float-controlled model simply hooks up to a standard 3/4 inch garden hose to automatically deliver fresh water 24-7 in above-freezing temperatures. The large 4-gallon capacity is perfect for thirsty horses. 

  • Manufacturer: Country Vet
  • Model Number: 32-1962CV

Battery operated dispenser operates every 15 minutes, 24/7. Operates on two D-cell alkaline batteries, not included. Use in barn stalls, stables and animal quarters.

  • Manufacturer: W.F. Young

This product is for use on cattle, horse, ponies, foals and dogs. It is a water-based formula that contains pyrethrins, a botanical insecticide.

  • Manufacturer: Noble Industries, Inc.

Hot pink and black manure fork. Co-polymer plastic resin tines provide maximum durability. Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum handle. Heavy-duty I-Beam rail and tine construction. C-Clip secures tines to rails. Outer tines form a basket for maximum use. Interchangeable tines available in multiple colors for customization. All Wave Forks™ are backed with a 5 year warranty.

  • Manufacturer: Weaver Leather

A convenient, reversible design makes this 100% New Zealand wool saddle blanket a very functional choice. Weighs over 5 pounds. Turquoise and black on one side and lime and black on the other side. Measures 38" x 34".

Lightweight quilted poly/cotton outer shell with polyfill. A great pad for everyday riding. One size. 26" x 34". White.

  • Manufacturer: Cashel

1/2” Cashel® foam with 1” foam along cantle and molding in seat cushion. 15-1/2” w x 17” l.

  • Manufacturer: Weaver Leather

These 1" flat end braided nylon barrel reins feature easy grip knots for a secure feel in the hands. Nickel plated conway buckle bit ends. Measure 1/2" x 8' (1" wide 32" back from bit ends).

  • Manufacturer: Weaver Leather

These black rubber heel straps help maintain constant tension to keep spurs in the correct position. Made to last, these 8" heel straps will fit any boot. Simply stretch the holes over the buttons and stretch loop over heel.

  • Manufacturer: Weaver Leather

Constructed from burgundy latigo leather, these heel straps help maintain constant tension to keep spurs in the correct position. Made to last, these 8" heel straps will fit any boot. Simply stretch the holes over the buttons and stretch loop over heel.

Gator shavings are 3 sizes – Gator **large flake 8cu. Ft. ** medium flake 11cu. Ft. ** fine or mini flakes ** 5.5 cu. Ft. The Larger Flakes provide higher fluff and comfort for your horse. Large Flake products are triple screened to provide a very large flake shaving with very low dust with great absorbancy.

  • Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

Quick knock-down, long-lasting protection from flies, gnats and mosquitoes. Up to 14 days fly control. Protects against horse, house, stable, face, horn and deer flies, plus gnats, mosquitoes, lice and deer ticks. Contains sunscreen. Water-base formula.

  • Manufacturer: W.F. Young

Protects against biting and nuisance flies, gnats and mosquitoes (Culex species). Repels and kills mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile Virus. Water-based formula gives horses’ coats an oil-free shine without attracting dust. Citronella-scented spray stays active for up to 14 days.

  • Manufacturer: Lucerne Farms

Koop Clean is an all natural, quality chicken bedding consisting of a chopped blend of hay & straw, combined with the unique odor neutralizing ingredient, ‘Sweet PDZ’. This special blend will have the hen house talking. Specially formulated using only ingredients from the earth, our chicken bedding will make your flock happy, while keeping your coop fresh, dry and insulated. Your flocks special “touch” combined with the nutrient rich ingredients makes your waste a great addition to you garden.

  • Manufacturer: Country Vet

The Country Vet Country Home Flying Insect Kit is great for the farm or ranch in controlling flies, mosquitoes and moths. This dual-purpose kit activates in 15 minutes and acts as an air freshener for fragrance and odor control. Refills last up to 30 days and two D-cell batteries are required (not included). The kit also includes one beige dispenser, one 6.4 oz fly spray, and one 6.6 oz air freshener.

  • Manufacturer: Starbar

Scientifically proven to help effectively trap stable flies, Bite Free™ Stable Fly Traps contain no insecticides and are economical and easy to use. Bite Free™ Stable Fly Traps hold more flies than other sticky traps with no fly trap odor. Its compact size offers a 360° trapping surface that holds several thousand flies. When the trap is full just throw it away. Bite Free™ Stable Fly Traps have a special weatherproof adhesive that won’t melt or wash away. They're ideal for use around stables, cattle ranches, poultry operations, kennels, restaurants, home and garden.