Purina® Layena® Omega-3 Feed


Purina® Layena® Omega-3 feed includes all 38 nutrients hens need with added omega-3. With Layena® Omega-3 feed, hens can produce eggs with more omega-3 fatty acids than store-bought eggs.2

Purina® Layena® Omega-3 pellets are a complete feed for laying hens 18 weeks and older to support optimal hen health and consistent egg production with added omega-3 fatty acids. Purina® Layena® Omega-3 includes the Oyster Strong® System for strong shells.
Purina® Oyster Strong® System with oyster shell provides another source of calcium when the hens need it most. Oyster shell is a larger particle size than limestone. This means that oyster shell will stay in the digestive tract longer and will provide a source of calcium for egg shell production over a longer period of time than smaller particle sources of calcium. This is especially important at night when egg shell formation is rapidly occurring and dietary sources of calcium are limited because the bird is not eating.
2 When fed a diet of Layena® Omega-3 exclusively for at least 3 weeks. Based on large egg (56g). Results
may vary with factors such as total diet and hen health. Compared to a typical egg that contains
50mg omega-3 fatty acids.

Features & Benefits

Added egg nutrition

Formulated to produce a large egg that contains 250 mg omega-3 fatty acids as compared to a traditional, store-bought large egg that contains 50 mg of omega-3 fatty acids2

Includes the Oyster Strong® System

Large-particle calcium breaks down steadily, so calcium is available during the entire egg formation process

16% protein, 3.50% calcium

Maintains hen health and supports consistent egg production

Essential amino acids

Enhanced with lysine and methionine to help produce wholesome eggs and beautiful feathering

Prebiotics and probiotics

Supports immune and digestive health

Added marigold extract

For brightly colored yolks

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